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aboutFor every cricketer the experience of the game is a tale of passion. The very idea of making the ball talk or hitting the ball on the sweet spot of the bat brings out the joy. This English game of cricket is not new, very well known and is being played all over the world, mainly in the former British colonies. In countries such as India and Pakistan, it almost holds the status of a religion. With the world getting smaller and flatter, people moving places to places, no wonder the game of cricket has spread and also in various forms and formats.

Like many others, Finland has become one of the developing countries for the game. Many expatriates from all over the world with the passion of the game reside here. The game of cricket is not only in their heart anymore as they contribute to its development in Finland. An example is the Finnish Cricket Association, which is maturing every year while holding various leagues and competitions. Though mostly concentrated in Southern Finland, the game of cricket has set its foot in North as well. Oulu is considered to be the capital of Northern Scandinavia, but there are very few opportunities to play cricket here. This is due to the geographic location of the city and that the number of expatriates is still on the rise.

Northern Lights Cricket Club was formed not only to increase the opportunities to play but also to improve the quality of cricket in Oulu. We as a club aim to become the hub of cricket in the north and participate in all formats of the game all year around. We even play the tape ball cricket that is popular in Pakistan. More than half of the year, Finland is covered under snow and outdoor cricket is not possible. Northern Lights provide opportunities to play indoor cricket format of the game and participates in the annual Turku Indoor Cricket Tournament held in Turku. The overall goal is to promote the game, so the club is open to anybody, who wants to learn or already has the passion running inside.


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