NLCA celebrates Women in Cricket

Northern Lights Oulu has always been keen in promoting cricket and values the role women have played for the game. For that matter, NLCA organised Indoor Cricket matches with mixed teams and the women captaining those teams. The atmosphere of the event was marvellous and everybody enjoyed playing together. (check Twitter/Flickr for pictures)

NLCA organises cricket session for OASIS Research Group

Northern Lights Oulu on request arranged a cricket session for the OASIS research group from the University of Oulu. The session was organised at Honkapirtti liikuntasali from 13:00-16:00. The feedback by the participants was excellent, as they enjoyed learning the game and some newbies had amazing cricketing talent. (check Twitter/Flickr for pictures)

And the Celebrations continue !

Northern Lights Oulu continues to celebrate their win in the Turku Indoor Tournament 2015. There are various events being organised such as BBQ gatherings and special cakes being made. In addition, NLCA displayed their trophy in the University of Oulu while distributing sweets. The event also turned out to be exciting in terms of promoting cricket as many people tried their skills with the bat and the ball for the very first time. There were a lot of cheers for the team for making Oulu proud.
(check Twitter/Flickr for pictures)