Another win for NLCA against JCC

NLCA have won their consecutive second win in the summer season 2017 against JCC at Jyväskylä. The visitors have won the toss and selected to bat first. Both the openers, Hasnain and Rana have started their innings cautiously. After 6 they have scored 40 with the lost of Hasnains’s wicket. One-down batsman Umair has scored 49 and carried the scoring rate towards the end. NLCA have lost wicket in regular interval and after 20 overs they have managed to scored 162. 
In the second innings, NLCA’s fast bowler Muzammil has picked the first wicket in his first over. Though JCC have lost three wickets in the first six over, they have managed to score 47. After that Salman and Saad have shown some tremendous bowling performance and after 10 they have scored only 62 runs. Meanwhile the wickets are falling regularly when Umair has come to bowl. He has picked 4 wickets. In the final over JCC need to score 21 run to win and Umair has given 16 in the first three bowl. Yet he has made an comeback and bowl three dot balls and finally NLCA have won.

Turku Indoor Cricket Tournament 2017

#NLCA #Oulu #TICT2017 Northern Lights will participate in the upcoming Turku Indoor Cricket Tournament to be held on 22nd April in Turku !


Results: Oulu Indoor Cricket Tournament 2017

Due to limited time for a match, the two Finalists Pohjois Leijonat and Oulu Vikings share the amazing Trophy ! Check here..

10th Match: Bengal Tigers 42 in 25 Balls, Leijonat chased it in 20 balls for a final with Vikings.

9th Match: Bengal Tigers 61 in 25 balls, Oulu Vikings hammering opponents to chase it down in 21 balls to reach final!

8th Match: Leijonat 79 in 5 overs, Raiders losing their way to 45 in 5 overs giving Leijonat an easy win !

7th Match: Bengal Tigers 46/4 in 5 overs, Hurricanes 46 all out … And it’s a TIE !!!!!

6th Match: Vikings 64 in 5 overs, Leijonat 68 win with 2 balls to spare !

5th Match: Hurricanes 66/1 in 5 overs, Raiders 38/3 in 5 overs … Hurricanes win by 28 Runs !

4th Match: Vikings 56 in 5 overs, Raiders 53 in 5 overs… Vikings win by 3 runs !

3rd Match: Leijonat 70 in 5 overs, hurricanes 71 win with 2 balls to spare !

2nd Match: Bengal Tigers 84 (5 overs), Raiders 57 (5 overs) … Tigers win by 27 runs !

1st Match: Hurricanes 61/7 (5 overs), Vikings 62/3 won the match in 4.4 overs !