Second Match of League against JCC – No results.

The second away match of the outdoor session was played on Saturday 6th of July 2019 against JCC at Huhtasuon Liikuntapuisto, Jyväskylä, Finland. Well, the NLCA able to put a fighting total of 191 in 25 overs after losing 6 wickets. Unluckily the match was abandoned due to rain.

After winning the toss NLCA decides to bat first. Well, lacking our regular openers, Muneeb and Ankit opened the innings for NLCA. NLCA batting was slumped in the earlier overs and scored just 28 runs with fall of 3 wickets in 6.5 overs. However, the wonderful, elegant and sensible knock by our captain Bilal Khawaja scoring 50 off 43 balls and Muneeb Jutt scoring 86 off 76 saved the NLCA innings. Their superb and tremendous partnership 135 off 89 balls kept the NLCA batting to recover in a crucial time. Finally, after 25 overs NCLA has managed to score 191 runs at the expense of 6 wickets.

Unfortunately, the second innings has abandoned due to rain and both teams awarded with equal points in the table.

The scorecard is available at the following link:

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