Turku Indoor Cricket Tournament 2013

Northern Lights CC participated in the Turku Indoor Cricket Tournament for 2013. It was the first time any club from Oulu has participated in such a tournament. The tournament was organized by Turku Cricket Club and 10 teams from different parts of Finland participated. There were 5 teams from Helsinki, 3 from Turku, and one from Jyväskylä grouped into the following pools.


It was a successful first competition for the club, where we won three matches out of four, but unfortunately missed the final on the run rate. We won against FinnAsia CC (defending/current champions), Kerava CC, and Turku CC, while we lost against Empire CC only. Northern Lights is the only team to beat FinnAsia in the indoor matches for the last two years, which speaks for the caliber of a new team. The 2 months old Northern Lights CC gave the opponents a run for their money.

Northern Lights CC (Oulu) - TIT2013

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